Thermafit Push-On No-Hub Couplings

No-Hub push-on couplings

Various sizes available at various locations

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Product Description

Thermafit Industries’ revolutionary coupling design makes joining hubless cast iron pipe simpler and safer. The innovative neoprene gasket guides the leading edge of the pipe or fitting directly into the socket of the gasket.

Without needing to separate the gasket from the shield, the process takes fewer steps and workers’ hands are protected from sharp edges. Our patent-pending coupling design is rated for applications up to 15 psi, usable above and below ground, and is available for 1-1/2” to 8” pipes. All you need to do is push it on!

    Our family has been in the business of plumbing, heating and AC for four generations. We’re here to help when you have an emergency, and when you don’t.



    Billerica, MA   877.382.8153
    Boston, MA   800.888.6950
    Framingham, MA   800.242.0236
    Haverhill, MA   800.225.0536
    Medford, MA   800.242.0236
    Raynham, MA   800.553.5521
    West Newton, MA   800.698.0047
    Worcester, MA   855.595.8326
    Manchester, NH   800.775.8942
    Providence, RI   800.207.2713
    Saco, ME   866.796.8787
    Clinton, CT   860.669.1111
    Middletown, CT   860.347.2503