A.O Smith BTX-80 Natural Gas High Efficiency Water Heater


BTX-80 Natural Gas

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Cyclone HE High Efficiency Gas Water Heater

AO Smith Cyclone models deliver extraordinary storage and dollar-saving and are up to 96% efficient. The Cyclone is designed to fit in corners and flush against the wall for maximum installation flexibility.

  • Helical internal heat exchanger – completely surrounded by water in tank, provides much greater heat transfer surface than standard straight flue tube. Produces 90% thermal efficiency, which saves money on operating costs, increases hot water output compared to standard-efficiency water heaters. Minimizes standby losses by trapping heat in the tank. Spiral heat exchanger reduces scale and sediment from forming on water-side surface, which can reduce energy efficiency over time.
  • Versatile power-direct vent design – system allows combined vertical and horizontal vent runs terminating through an outside wall, using Schedule 40 PVC or ULC S636 Approved PVC pipe.
  • Modular blower – equipped with 120 volt, 60 Hz electrical system (rating 5 amps or less), 6-foot cord with standard 3-prong connector. 2in PVC pipe, elbows and condensate drain supplied to connect heat exchanger outlet to blower. PVC Vent Attenuation Assembly (VAA) supplied for applications where extra-quiet operating environment is essential.
  • High output with small footprint – 22in diameter, combined with 90% efficiency, 50-gallon tank and 76,000 BTU input means Cyclone HE can be installed in less space than a larger 75-gallon unit, with equal or better performance.
  • Side-mounted hot and cold recirculating taps -allows Cyclone HE to be installed as part of combination space heating/water heating applications, or any system requiring a recirculating hot water loop. Plugs for the recirculating taps are factory installed.
  • INTELLI-VENT gas control – equipped with long lasting silicon nitride hot surface ignitor – no standing pilot. Advanced electronics for more precise control of water temperature and easy-to-understand system diagnostics.
  • Permaglas Ultra Coat glass lining – A. O. Smith exclusive process provides superior protection against corrosion. Protects all interior tank surfaces including inside and outside of helical heat exchanger.
  • Two heavy-duty anode rods – provides advanced protection against corrosion.
  • Green choice gas burner patented “Eco-Friendly” design reduces NOx emissions and meets less than 40 ng/j requirements for low NOx.
  • CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve.

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