Amtrol CH-41ZCT Indirect Water Heater Blue Tank


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For over three decades Amtrol has provided comfort, efficiency, and reliability since they introduced the industry’s first indirect-fired water heater. The CH indirect-fired water heater continues to carry the values of Amtrol. These aquastat controlled water heaters quickly and effectively provide heated water throughout your home. A deep drawn dome offers unparalleled strength to the tank, while a corrosion proof high density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle keeps water clean, fresh, scale and chloride free. A removable finned heat exchanger heats up the stored water while a unique molded insulation minimizes heat loss and maintains efficiency.

Product Features

Bimodal HDPE Poly Bottle
A high density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle is corrosion-proof and provides fresh, clean water, while resisting chlorides, scale, or aggressive water.

Constant Temperature Control
This CH water heaters are equipped with constant temperature control that allows for minimal heat loss and reliable operation.

Efficient Heat Exchanger
CH’s heat exchanger has a finned design that provides a more effective heat exchange and is also removable for easy cleaning and service.

Unique Molded Insulation
This molded insulation enhances efficiency by eliminating gaps that lead to heat loss.

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