AO Smith GDHE-75 LP Propane Gas Water Heater


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A.O. Smith continues to lead the way in residential and commercial water heating with close to 70 years of innovative hot water solutions. The GDHE-75 features A.O. Smith’s latest in high efficiency, condensing gas water heating, with an unprecedented 96% Thermal Efficiency, it is designed to save you money. A spiral heat exchanger helps to keep combustion gasses in the unit longer to lengthen the heat transfer cycle. By positioning the exchanger in the middle of the unit, heat is distributed evenly and more efficiently. These features combined with an Ultra-Low NOx rating means this heater will lower your water heating costs and carbon footprint. With its 75 gallon tank and easy to read LCD display, the GDHE-75 is ready to fulfill all of your hot water needs.
  • Helical Coil Heat Exchanger
  • The GDHE line features a spiral heat exchanger that is positioned in the center of the unit, to distribute heat more evenly. It also allows the combustion gases to stay in the tank longer, lengthening the heat cycle and providing higher efficiency.
  • Ultra Low-NOx Emissions
  • The GDHE-75 is designed to qualify for the most stringent Low-NOx standards. These standards coincide with SCAQMD rules and other air quality management districts.
  • User-Friendly Electronic Interface
  • An easy to read controller gives you easy access to temperature settings, operating mode, and diagnostics to make sure your unit is running exactly how you want it. These heaters are also iCOMM compatible, allowing them to be monitored remotely.
  • Side-Mounted Hot and Cold Taps
  • These side mounted taps allow the heater to be installed and used in space heating/water heating applications.
  • Corrosion Protection
  • GDHE models have heavy-duty anodic protection and Blue Diamond

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