AO Smith GPHE50 AOS VERTEX High Efficiency Water Heater

AO Smith GPHE50 AOS VERTEX High Efficiency Water Heater

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50 Gallon – 76,000 BTU Vertex Power-Vent Residential Gas Water Heater

70-5/8″H 22″D

New, but out of box.

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– Framingham

2 in stock


The more hot water you need, the more you need a Vertex water heater!

Through an inspired blend of innovation, efficiency, and years of industry expertise, the Vertex power-vent gas water heater takes high-demand homes to the pinnacle of hot water availability. With its fully-condensing design, Vertex delivers “continuous hot water” – shower after shower, hour after hour, with 90% thermal efficiency. Plus, it’s easy to install, with dimensions and installation requirements comparable to standard power-vent units.


  • Power-vent
  • Continuous hot water means homeowners will always get “one more hot shower”
  • Hot water output similar to larger, less efficient conventional 75-gallon models
  • 90% thermal efficiency
  • Sidewall and vertical vent options
  • Includes side taps for simple installation in combined appliance applications
  • Vents with PVC
  • DynaClean Inlet tube
  • 6-year parts limited manufacturer warranty
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