Beckett 1700 Rocket Wireless Fuel Level Monitor


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The Beckett Rocket 7000 system is an electronic gauge that accurately and reliably measures the fuel level in your oil tank and transmits that information to a wireless receiver located in a convenient place in your home!


  • Don’t Run Out Again! Can prevent running out of oil during periods of heavy or unusual usage pattern, even if you have automatic delivery!
  • Eliminates the need to go down into the basement or outside to determine oil level. Simply monitor the Receiver LCD from within the comfort of your home!
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes!
  • More accurate and reliable than a mechanical float gauge
  • Suitable for both inside or outside tanks
  • Replaceable Lithium cell Transmitter battery lasts over 10 years.
  • Multiple receivers can be set up to receive from one transmitter
  • The omni-directional Transmitter allows the receiver(s) to be located anywhere within 150 ft of the transmitter.
  • Simple DIP switch settings allow one product to work on tanks up to 10 ft (3m) in height.
  • Multiple Transmitter/Receiver pairs can be colocated without interfering.
  • Automatic recovery following power outage – no need to re-synchronize receiver to transmitter.


  • The Transmitter is mounted in an available opening in the tank and uses ultrasonic technology to measure the fuel level.
  • The Receiver plugs directly into a 110v outlet located in a convenient place in your home – usually the kitchen.
  • The LCD display on the Receiver displays the oil level as “bars”, where each bar represents approximately 10% of the tank’s capacity.
  • When the level goes below 20%, the fuel oil Nozzle “icon” appears in the LCD display, indicating that it is time to call for fuel delivery. Note: If you have an “automatic delivery” contract with your oil dealer, you should wait until the level drops to about 10% before alerting the dealer to your oil level status.
  • When the oil level drops below 10% of the tank’s capacity, the red LED will begin flashing continuously and a audible signal will sound once every hour. Call your oil company immediately to schedule a delivery. These warning signals will continue until the first measurement is made following an oil delivery (this could take up to one hour after the delivery).


  • Communications Distance: Max of 150 ft (46m)
  • Power Supply: Receiver: 110/120 Volts 60Hz, Transmitter: 3 Volt CR2430 Lithium cell
  • Power Consumption: Receiver: 2 Watts
  • Transmitter Battery Life: 10+ Years
  • Dimensions: Receiver: 2″x2.2″x1.4″ (50x55x35mm), Transmitter: 5.4″x2.8″x1.6″ (138x70x40mm)

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