Fujitsu has been providing efficient and responsible heating and air conditioning solutions for decades. Their experience and dedication can be seen in the 30RLXEH wall mounted mini split system. The 30RLXEH is ideal for applications where constant cool temperatures are required year-round, such as server rooms or large meeting spaces. The system features low ambient heating technology that allows it to maintain operations in subzero Fahrenheit temperatures. The indoor unit has a sleek, modern design with 4-way airflow to effectively warm or cool the entire room. This system has an array of effective operating modes that allow you to customize operations to suit your comfort.
Server Room Mode
Two 30RLEXH systems can be paired together using Server Room Mode to generate cool air 24 hours a day. The pair can operate in three different modes: Alternating Operation, Backup Operation, or Supporting Operation.
Inverter Technology
The AOU30RLXEH outdoor condenser uses an inverter to drive the compressor, allowing it to match its output to the amount of heating or cooling required by a space, even as conditions change. This enables the system to maintain a more stable temperature.
Extended Line Set
The 30RLXEH features a maximum line set length of 246 feet and a maximum height difference of 98 feet, providing more installation flexibility and increased applications.
Low Ambient Heating
Fujitsu’s extra low temperature heating technology allows this condenser to safely maintain operation in outdoor temperatures as low as -15° F. The XLTH outdoor condensers also include a base pan heater to prevent freezing damage.
Corrosion Resistant Heat Exchanger
Fujitsu applies a blue fin coating to the heat exchanger of the outdoor condenser. This improves its resistance to many common sources of corrosion and extends the unit’s longevity.
Advanced Filtration
The indoor unit features two filters for keeping your home, or business, safe and clean. An ion deodorizing filter uses fine ceramic particles to capture and remove odors and an apple catechin filter isolates and deactivates mold, bacteria, and dust.
Timer Function
This system offers seven day programmability with two unique on/off events on each individual day. This allows you to customize heating and cooling operations to suit your personal schedule, improving energy efficiency without compromising your home.
Economy Mode
The 30RLXEH system features an Economy Mode that restricts the unit’s maximum output to decrease energy use and increase savings. This mode also increases the unit’s dehumidification capabilities during cooling operations and in Dry Mode.
Product Note
This product requires the following accessories for installation:
Line Set – This double insulated tubing transfers refrigerant efficiently between your outdoor condenser and indoor unit.
Drain Tubing – Drain tubing facilitates the reliable and effective removal of condensate from your system. It connects your indoor unit to drain locations of your choosing.
Disconnect Box & Electrical Whip Kit – The Disconnect Box & Whip Kit provides a safe and simple way to connect your outdoor condenser to your fuse box.
Connecting Cable – This durable, insulated cable provides power to your indoor unit from your outdoor condenser.
Outdoor Condenser Plastic Pad or Wall Bracket – We recommend outdoor condensers should not be placed directly on the ground. An outdoor condenser pad or wall bracket will provide a stable way to mount your condenser free from obstructions and debris.
Adding these accessories to your order will provide a complete, ready-to-install mini split system. All Mini Split Systems require one Primary Mini Split Installation Kit. You may also require one or more Secondary Installation Kits if you have a Multi-Zone system. You will need a Secondary Installation Kit for each additional indoor unit.

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