Modine HSB86SB01SA 80,000 btu Unit Heater


small dent on lower right side


-located in Manchester, NH

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HSB units have top and bottom supply and return connections. This permits the unit to be rotated 360° without piping changes.

The HSB is a high grade hot water/steam unit heater that can be fitted into a new or already existing hydronic system with ease. High grade steel is used for the casing to ensure durability and longevity. Designed for horizontal use, the unit heater is excellent for heating long corridors or blanketing walls with heat. The HSB has supply and return connections on the top and bottom of the unit, allowing it to be installed facing any direction.

Top and Bottom Piping Connections: The HSB has top and bottom connections for supply and return piping. The vertical connections allow the unit heater to be faced any direction during installation.
Two Piece Casing: A two piece casing is used with the HSB, allowing for incredibly easy access to the coil in case maintenance is required.
Tapped Suspension Holes: The HSB comes with pre-drilled tapped holes for suspension by threaded rod. This reduces installation time for your contractor, saving you money on installation.
Thermal Shock Resistant: The serpentine copper tube coil is very resistant to thermal shock even at high steam temperatures. This prevents undesired warping of the coil itself, as well as decreasing necessary maintenance.
Smart Coil Layout: The layout of the coil does not include coil headers. This eliminates potential leaks and maintenance without increasing the overall size of the unit.
Baked-On Polyester Paint: The HSB features a neutral colored baked-on polyester paint, providing excellent corrosion resistance and durability while blending in with a wide variety of environments.

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