PTC180 Effinity High Efficiency Condensing Gas Fired Unit Heater, NG (180,000 BTU)





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Modine’s Effinity™ unit heater line is the most efficient gas-fired, condensing unit heater in North America. With ten model sizes available – from 55,000 to 310,000 BTU/hr – operating at up to 97% efficiency, the Effinity will dramatically lower energy costs and CO2 emissions. Additionally, three blower sizes are available on models, for even greater savings.


  • Fuel Savings — At up to 97% efficiency, Modine’s Effinity line is the most efficient condensing unit heater in North America. This allows you to save those otherwise wasted energy dollars for yourself.
  • Dependable and Consistent Performance —Thanks to Modine’s Conservicore Technology®, corrosion concerns are eliminated, extending the life of your investment.
  • Gentle Air Circulation and Even Temperatures —The Effinity guards against mold and maintains uniform wall-to-wall temperatures with consistent air circulation.
  • Safer Environments — Harmful combustion fumes are vented outside, away from your plants.
  • American-Made Quality — All products are still proudly made in the USA.
  • Greener Solutions — Just one Effinity can lower CO2 output by thousands of pounds annually.


  • Condensate pump, mounting kit, and a PH neutralizing kit
  • Stainless steel primary heat exchanger
  • Building Management System Integration with Energy Saver Standard
  • GFCI Surge protection adapter plug for service
  • 30, 60 and 90 degree air deflector hoods
  • A selection of room thermostats
  • Two-point mounting kit
  • Horizontal and vertical concentric vent kits
  • Finger-proof fan guard
  • Conversion kits for natural gas and propane, including high-altitude kits
  • Blowers available on models 215-310

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