Therma-flow Gas Lined Oil Fired Water Heater S30GL


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Therma-Flow Oil Fired Water Heaters are designed and built to provide the homeowner and commercial user with dependable, highly efficient, production of hot water.

Therma-Flow Oil Fired Water Heaters are compliant with Department of Energy requirements. These units are tested by an independent government certified laboratory to assure that our water heaters achieve the highest possible ratings for both efficiency and reliable hot water flow.

CENTER FLUE MODELS – 30 & 50 Gallon Tanks

  • UEF testing approved for DOE
  • Only Center Flue manufactured with 2″ high density foam insulation
    • R-Value (14) Closed cell UL 94 Approved
  • Brass nipple connection Diptube and Hot Water outlet *NEW*
  • Unique exposed couplings for leak detection *NEW*
  • Easy access to magnesium rod for replacement – 2 anode rod *NEW*
  • 409 stainless steel baffle for greater heat conduction
  • Carlin Dual Aquastat 90000B10S1 designed for precise temperatures and safety features
  • Factory installed brass drawoff
  • Factory installed brass well for aquastat
  • Heavy duty glass lined steel tank – Cobalt Porcelain Enamel
  • Attractive baked enamel steel jacket
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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