AO Smith DEL20S Electric Water Heater converted to 208v 2.5kw

AO Smith DEL20S Electric Water Heater converted to 208v 2.5kw

Original price was: $1,170.00.Current price is: $900.00.

out of box, concealed damage.
located in Raynham


AO Smith Dura-Power Commercial Electric Water Heaters Feature:
Glass lined tank – tank interior is coated with glass specially developed by A. O. Smith Ceramic Research for water heater use
Elements – zinc plated copper sheaths for longer life. Medium watt density; means lower surface temperature to minimize scale build-up and more surface to heat water.
Standard voltages – 120, 277 single phase and 208, 240 and 480V unbalanced three-phase delta; easily converted to single-phase at terminal block (except 208V with 6000 watt elements). Single element heater, single-phase only.
Factory installed terminal block -just bring the service to heater and connect to block. Terminal block not supplied on 120V & 277 volt models.
Controls – temperature control (adjustable through a range of 110° to 170°F on single element and 120° to 180°F on dual element) and manual reset high temperature cutoff per element (dual element models). Factory wired for non-simultaneous operation; easily converted to simultaneous element operation (three phase models only)
CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve
Simplified circuitry, color coded for ease of service
Anode rod for maximum corrosion protection
Cabinet has bonderized undercoat with baked enamel finish
Top inlet and outlet openings
Drain valve
Surface mounted thermostats
UL approved field conversion program


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