AO SMITH GPVX75 76,000 BTU ProLine Power Vent Residential Gas Water Heater w/ Side Connection (NG)

AO SMITH GPVX75 76,000 BTU ProLine Power Vent Residential Gas Water Heater w/ Side Connection (NG)




The ProLine® XE Power Vent gas water heater is engineered to maximize efficiency while offering greater flexibility in installation options.

Featuring a 75-gallon tank and a 76,000 BTU gas burner, the GPVX-75L Power Vent delivers a recovery rate of 80.4 gallons per hour. It carries a 6-year limited warranty, and meets Low NOx emission requirements.

Note: This model is not ENERGY STAR Qualified
Dynaclean II dip tube optimizes inlet water pressure to minimize cold water regions within the tank. The self-cleaning action also reduces sediment accumulation on the bottom of the tank.
Hot-surface ignitor is more robust and reliable than standing pilot, and reduces energy consumption.
Built-in heat traps on the water inlet and outlet reduce the amount of heat lost through piping
2-inch, thick, “Environmentally-Friendly” foam insulation reduces the amount of heat loss and contributes to overall energy efficiency
Versatile Power Vent Design
All models feature an exclusive 3-position rotatable blower outlet which adds flexibility
Combined horizontal and vertical vent runs up to 180 equivalent feet with 4″ diameter venting (ABS, PVC, CPVC and polypropylene)
All models are equipped with a protected sensor that detects the presence of flammable vapors and automatically disables the burner to prevent ignition
Air intake snorkel elevates the inlet location of combustion air to prevent flammable vapors from entering the sealed combustion chamber
Reduced NOx emissions comply with air quality management district regulations
State-of-the-art electronic gas control provides more precise temperature control
LED control light displays operation status and diagnostics information
Factory-installed T&P and a durable, tamper-resistant brass drain valve are positioned for service accessibility
Available in Natural Gas and Propane
6 year limited tank and parts warranty
The ProMax Power Vent water heaters have been engineered to maximize efficiency and deliver a greater energy factor (EF).


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