BURNHAM PIN3PVNI Packaged Independence Steam Boiler, Electronic Ignition (Nat Gas)



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Burnham’s Independence Series gas-fired boilers offer all of the benefits of hydronic heat plus the advantages of high quality, reliable cast iron construction and advanced engineering.

Steam boiler
Natural gas
Natural draft
Cast iron sectional design
10 year warranty on the heat exchanger
Stainless steel burners ensure years of reliable, rust-free operation
Step-opening gas valve enables boiler to start on low fire and progress to high fire. This provides safe & smooth operation, quiet ignition, and longer component life.
Industrial quality pressuretrol for accurate, trouble-free control
Equipped with fuel-saving vent damper which automatically closes the flue and preserves system heat after the burner shuts off. This damper opens automatically prior to burner ignition.
Rear drafthood installs in low overhead areas and allows for clearance and flexibility of installation with existing piping

Packaged Boilers Add:
Pressure limit
24V transformer
Probe type LWCO
Junction box
Thermostat isolating relay
Electronic ignition assembly
15 PSI safety valve
Steam gauge
Gauge glass
3/4” drain valve
Wiring harness

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