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■ 97% residential gas furnace CSA certified
■ Downflow/Horizontal
■ Modulating operation to save energy and maintain optimal comfort level.
■ Variable speed blower motor technology provides ultimate humidity control, quieter sound levels, and year
round energy savings.
■ EcoNet® enabled HVAC product
■ Diagnostics 7-Segment LED all units
■ Ignition System – DSI for reliability and longevity
■ Water Management System with patented Blocked
Drain Sensor
■ Heat exchanger is removable for improved serviceability.
Aluminized steel primary and stainless steel secondary
construction provide maximum corrosion resistance
and thermal fatigue reliability.
■ Low profile “34 inch” cabinet ideal for space constrained installations.
■ Blower Shelf design – serviceable in all furnace
■ Pre marked hoses – insures proper system drainage
■ Vent with 2″ or 3″ PVC
■ Replaceable collector box
■ Hemmed edges on cabinet and doors
■ Quarter turn door fasteners for tool less access
■ Integrated control boards feature dip switches for easy
system set up
■ Self priming condensate trap
■ Solid bottom included
■ For optimal performance an EcoNet Control Center is
recommended; must be paired with an EcoNet enabled
heat pump or air conditioner, for a fully communicating
HVAC system.
■ Modulating Function: when used with an EcoNet Control Center modulating thermostat, modulation rate
between 40% and 100% of total capacity.
■ Two-stage Function: when used with a two-stage thermostat, furnace operates at 40% on first stage, and stages
up to 65%, then 100% for second stage.
■ Multistage Function: when used with a single-stage thermostat, furnace functions as a three stage furnace operating at 40%, 65% and 100% of total capacity.
■ Cabinet air leakage less than 2% at 1 inch H2O when
tested in accordance with ASHRAE standarD

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