KOHLER LEVITY Sliding bath door, 62″ H x 56-5/8 – 59-5/8″ W, with 3/8″ thick Crystal Clear glass



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Bringing new technology and sleek style to the contemporary bath, Levity bath doors feature an innovative bypass system and roller design that provide an amazingly smooth, quiet sliding action for a difference you can feel. Levity’s unique design, including fully bypassable glass panels, makes installation easier than ever and allows for adjustability while the door is hanging. Square towel bars complement Levity’s modern minimalist look. Premium 3/8-inch-thick Crystal Clear glass offers a luxurious feel.

Innovative roller design simplifies installation and provides out-of-plumb adjustability while glass is installed
Cushioned center guide provides smooth, quiet sliding action
CleanCoat®+ glass coating creates a hydrophobic barrier that repels water, soap scum, and residue, saving time and protecting shower doors 10 times longer than original CleanCoat. (Based on 2021 internal wear/abrasion testing using a microfiber cloth.)
Tempered glass ensures enhanced safety and durability

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