WCXA12 First Company Cooling Only Through The Wall Unit 2.5 Ton


New, Uninstalled


-Located In Boston

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These condensing units are excellent replacement products for the thousands of existing through the wall condensing units (some modification of the exterior wall may be required. Through-The-Wall vs Conventional Condensing Units – Lower Installation Costs – WCX12 condensing units install on the same floor as the apartment, town home, or condominium, resulting in considerable first cost savings in refrigerant, refrigerant piping, and electrical wiring compared to condensing units installed on the ground or roof. Easier to Service – Being located on the same floor as the apartment, town home, or condominium, service and routine maintenance of the WCX12 is much easier and can be performed by one person. Eliminates theft problems No costly landscaping needed to hide the units No condensing unit support pads required No additional roof support expenses No chaseways to roof or ground needed for refrigerant lines First Co’s customer is ultimately responsible for confirming which of their indoor coils are compatible with these products, and which expansion valves (if any) are required for proper operation. Features – Factory charged with R-410A refrigerant (charge will need to be field-adjusted) Unique cabinet design – unit side panels fit inside rather than outside the base pan to improve water containment on the sides of the cabinet Extra-high efficiency scroll or reciprocating R-410A compressor High pressure switch Propeller type fan – Moves more air over the condenser coil at lower operating watts than standard “squirrel cage” type blower Sloped base pan – Positive water drainage from the unit to the building exterior Plastic coated coil guard Filter / drier

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