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Overview for Fujitsu 48LMAS1
Fujitsu has been providing efficient and responsible heating and air conditioning solutions for decades. Their experience and dedication can be seen in the 48LMAS1 air handling system. The multi-position, space saving AMUG48LMAS air handler is paired with a revolutionary side discharge outdoor unit to provide you with high efficiency and quiet operation.
Multi-Position Installation
With a true multi-position design, install the AMUG48LMAS up flow, down flow or horizontal.
Inverter Technology
The 48LMAS1 outdoor condenser uses an inverter to drive the compressor, allowing it to match its output to the amount of heating or cooling required by a space, even as conditions change. This enables the system to maintain a more stable temperature.
Wi-Fi Compatible
The 48LMAS1 can be controlled from anywhere using the FGLair Wireless Interface Module (sold separate) and your mobile device or smart home device. Download the FGLair app to easily control your system from anywhere.
Product Note
This product requires the following accessories for installation:
Line Set – This double insulated tubing transfers refrigerant efficiently between your outdoor condenser and indoor unit.
Drain Tubing – Drain tubing facilitates the reliable and effective removal of condensate from your system. It connects your indoor unit to drain locations of your choosing.
Disconnect Box & Electrical Whip Kit – The Disconnect Box & Whip Kit provides a safe and simple way to connect your outdoor condenser to your fuse box.
Connecting Cable – This durable, insulated cable provides power to your indoor unit from your outdoor condenser.
Outdoor Condenser Plastic Pad or Wall Bracket – We recommend outdoor condensers should not be placed directly on the ground. An outdoor condenser pad or wall bracket will provide a stable way to mount your condenser free from obstructions and debris.
Adding these accessories to your order will provide a complete, ready-to-install mini split system. All Mini Split Systems require one Primary Mini Split Installation Kit. A thermostat is not included and is required. Please see the Accessories Tab to purchase


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